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Random acts of kindness - The Self Reliance Shepherd

Random acts of kindness

Of all the things to be said of Koreans, it has to be said that they are an amazingly generous people. 
Here are just some of the random acts of kindness that I’ve experienced since being here:
My landlord is an absolute sweetheart. One of the many times I was sick I saw him in the street and when he heard I wasn’t well he took me to the pharmacy and bought me some medicine.
Granted it was the most horrible stuff I’ve ever had to take (and I had to take it in front of the chemist, his wife and my land lord) but I really appreciate his kindness. 
Then later in the week he came round to see if I was ok and brought me some food, pastry balls filled with bean paste, yummy!!
I’ve had old ladies in the subway call me over and give me fruit about twice or three times now.
When hiking over Chuseok, Korean thanksgiving, I had a little old lady send her daughter to give me Songpyoen (Korea rice cakes) and pear slices.
The petrol station guy gives me like fried round biscuit things with nuts in them on a regular basis.
On Christmas day the fruit stall lady gave Cara and me a bar of chocolate each. We also had the cutest little boy come over to all of us in Busan to wish us Merry Christmas.
When Cara and I went down to Sunchoen to go to a food festival, we had to stand when using one of the local buses ’cause it was pretty packed. Loads of the people sitting kept offering to hold our bags ’cause they said (gestured) that they are heavy for us to hold.
Again hiking I’ve been offered frozen persimmons by this guy and he was chatting away to me, nice guy. Also had a lady at the top of a mountain slice open a watermelon and feed all of the people there including me.
And lastly I can’t forget the lovely old granny who lives near my house, whenever I see her I say hello and she takes both my hands in hers and says hello back and bows down, she’s such a sweetie.

I’ve really been so touched by the warmth and love that Koreans show for people.