The coolest thing for me, coming here to Korea is that I’ve rediscovered how much I like little people.

Ok so I know I dedicated a whole section to the cute things that ‘my’ Korean kids say but I had to add two really cute things that the kids in church said.

So the Ribero’s little boy was playing with this orange and purple plastic turtle. I told him that I like the colours and that purple is my favourite colour.  He said to me that he’s learning to love all the colours. He then pointed to his sister and said that her favourite colour was pink. I asked him if he had a favourite colour and he said, no I like all the colours, but I think it will take me a long time before pink is my favourie colour.  How cute is that.

Also the Burnett’s youngest son was telling me how he spends all day downloading apps for his Ipod/Ipad (what do I know I’m a techno dinosaur) and then deletes them.  I asked if he deletes them by accident and he says no. So I ask does he delete them deliberately, he says yes.  I ask but why and he says I just love downloading apps.

They are so cute! I love kids.