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The logic of Korean heating, or lack there of. - The Self Reliance Shepherd

The logic of Korean heating, or lack there of.

I specifically chose to come to Daegu because it’s one of the warmer cities in Korea, however this winter has been really abnormally arctic, just my luck! 
One thing that really boggles my mind is the fact that in the school hallways and bathrooms they have no heating.  In the classrooms they have aircons (which aren’t always switched on, but that is a totally different post all on it’s own) but the rest of the school is like an ice-block. Also Koreans (kids and adults) don’t seem to use the same principles of heat conservation that I hold dear. Close the door!!!

I came to school today and this was the lovely surprise waiting for me when I went to the loo…..

Can’t see it? Look closer…….

No? Still not?

That is ice, frozen in the toilet!! Please note this is inside the school not a random outside bog.  Almost glad there are only squat toilets, you’ve seen how skin can stick to ice right? Don’t know how long I’d be stuck to the toilet before I was missed….mental note always carry phone with you.