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Are computer games and graffiti really that bad? - The Self Reliance Shepherd

Are computer games and graffiti really that bad?

Korean kids, especially the boys, love going to the PC bang (room) and playing computer games. 
Without fail on a Monday morning, “Hello students, how was your weekend” is always answered “Teacher me computer games”  
A recent experience during a supplementary class has got me to think that maybe computer games are not all that bad. 
I have one student in grade 4,  I call him Gideon because his name in Korean  sounds pretty similar. Gideon can barely remember the alphabet,  he has a form of ADHD too so he has real difficulty focusing.  One expression that he seems to have memorised perfectly, most likely from a game, is ‘mind control’
Granted it’s not really something we use everyday and he doesn’t really understand when to use it. We were playing a board game and he kept shouting it out when he rolled the dice. But hey English is English.

Korean kids, all of them! love writing on their desks. In my day (I think I’ve left school long ago enough to say ‘in my day’) if you wrote on a desk it was DT time.  The desks in the English class aren’t traditional wooden ones, but this fake wood and I constantly have to tell kids off for writing on them.  While cleaning the class at the end of the semester I found some English graffiti, it said ‘school.’  So as with the computer games, it may not be right, but hey English is English.