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Hindsight is a beautiful thing and a miscommunicated pineapple - The Self Reliance Shepherd

Hindsight is a beautiful thing and a miscommunicated pineapple

Ok so after typing out all of the Nepal stuff and having it disappear, luckily I backed it up 🙂 I decided to not do the whole page thing anymore. So sorry reposting loads of stuff again. Still a newbie at this 🙁
As for the miscommunicated pineapple…..Was working with the grade 4s and the conversation we were practising was, “How are you?” “I’m fine” So I’m working with the kids in pairs and the girl says “How are you?” Trying to get her male partner to answer, I prompted “I’m fine” In a very confident voice he answers her, “Pineapple”

*Rock scissors paper boy came into my office and showed me his shirt, it zips open to reveal the mouth lol, he’s so cute I love this kid.  So sad the grade 6’s are leaving 🙁

*First day back and already the kids are cracking me up. Three things that happened today and yesterday that I felt I had to add to this page:

1. For the grade 5’s we did a quick how was your vacation lesson and I showed them some pics from Nepal.  I showed them the photo below explaining that it was a priest and about how he blessed us and gave us water and fruit ect.  So 퓨진 (Poyour Jin) asks teacher who is he? DJ? Nepal original DJ and does the DJ-ing hand movements. LOL I love my job.

2. Grade 3, the kids had to do an excercise where you look at a whole bunch of letters, find three words (pencil, skate and time) hidden and then write those words three times in their textbook.  So this is what the one boy in the class did….

Fair dues to him, it’s written three times.  It reminded me of when I was at school, we had to do some cursive practice and I did a few examples and then drew squiggles until the end of the line. When the teacher asked why I didn’t finish the whole row I told her, but you can see I can do it so why should I do the whole row?  I just had to laugh when I saw this lol, mini me.

3. Some 6th Grade girls came running up when they saw me and showed me this…

It’s made from styro foam, two separate pieces.  They are so cute! I really have the best job in the world!!

*Just had the best day with the grade 3’s.  I’ve started excercising again and had so much energy this morning, what better way to burn it off than with the kids?

We played ‘follow the leader’-the leader says a command and everyone else follows. Nai Yeon was coming up with the cutest combos; “Close your eyes”, “run” It was so much fun.
Nai Yeon

How can you not love that face!?!

*I have a boy in grade 3 Myoeng Jun, he is such a character! The other day I was showing the kids flashcards (run, jump, walk, cry etc) and they had to say what the action was and do it from one end of the room to the other. So Myoeng Jun, who had been running around acting the fool the whole day starts doing the exact opposite to what was on the cards, for laugh, he’d cry and for run he’d walk.  It was too cute, I love that kid.

*I read a book to the kids about summer and the beach and I asked the kids if they liked the beach, so one boy says no. I asked him why and he said Tsunami Tsunami. 

*San Yeon, grade 3 girl, came into my office today and is chatting away to me in Korean and drew this picture.
It’s about, I think, a man or (her) grandpa and how he took people from a house  to school on his bicycle. You can see how he drops people off and then goes back home on his bike all alone.  It was so cute I thought I’d take a pic and share it. 
 *Kids here, especially the younger ones, are so sensitive to nudity.
Not that we ever show the kids nude photos, but we once had a cartoon picture of a shirt-less boy and a girl with a vest and undies on and the kids all hid behind their hands. 
So today one of the grade 3 boys finds this book, “All about Boomerangs”  amongst our many English books we have at our school and starts chasing the other kids with it.  It’s so cute the other kids were screaming in ‘terror’ at having to see a naked man.  I’m sure the Australians would be very impressed
*My favourite kid is the rock scissors paper boy.  Everytime he sees me he says “Teacher, lock, scissor, paper” The last few months he’s been saying afternoon or morning lock, scissor, paper depending on the time. Today he was talking to me about rollercoasters and showing me his rollercoaster face.  I told him my boyfriend used to ride the rollercoaster with a poker face and how it was funny.  The other kids asked me if I have a boyfriend, so I say no I had a boyfriend. So they ask, “Teacher, your boyfriend elephant?” “no” “Teacher, your boyfriend lion?” “no” “Teacher, your boyfriend dog?” I so badly wanted to say yes sometimes but I just don’t think they’d get it.  “Teacher, your boyfriend animal?” Hmmm teacher wishes!
*Got the kids to do a diary everyday during the winter camp, they had to draw a picture and this is what  one of my 6th grade girls, Song Jung came up with. Don’t know what’s going on in the first picture, looks like I have a some problem with my mouth?? Guess this Korean age thing is more complicated than I thought!