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Sebit Orphanage - The Self Reliance Shepherd

Sebit Orphanage

Just spent the morning at Sebit Orphanage in Busan, by the coast. A bunch of us went there over Christmas for a party for the kids, today was just another fun day for them.
I didn’t lug my camera with, but a friend took some photos so may be able to steal some off her to post soon.

Just wanted to write down some of the cute things the kids did, they are such amazing little people, it really makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile with my time here.

So what we did was some of the more energetic people took a bunch of the kids to play soccer and the rest of us stayed in-doors and made kites with the kids. There was this one boy with really adorable standy up hair. He was so impatient when it came to making his kite. He also didn’t follow the instructions, but made his own creation. A non-conformist, my favourite!!

The volunteers also brought with loads of sweets to give out to the kids and to avoid a stampede they started asking the kids questions to reward them with sweets if they got it right.  So behind the woman’s back and a bit to the side I start mouthing the answers to one of the boys so that he could also get something. For the first 2-3 tries it took a bit of time between watching me and answering so he kept on missing out on being picked first.  Eventually though he got it right and was given a sweet, do he turns to me and gives me a HUGE smile and a thumbs up.  Doesn’t that just make you go awwwwww!!!!

I also volunteered to play charades as a way to give more ‘prizes’ so I mime a spider and one boy answers in Korean, so I ask him what’s it in English and whisper spider to him. He shouts out Spider man. Cute!

There was also this really smart cool boy, when he’d guessed I was from South Africa, he starts imitating a vuvuzela, how cool is that!

It was just such a great day, even just taking a piece of paper and playing animal pictionary really went down well with one of the older girls. Especially when I started to guess the animals names in Korean and write them down. Really really enjoyed the day.  I can’t wait to get involved in orphanages here in Daegu too.

Also I was just so impressed by the Burnett boys, Jared and Jacob are like 14 and 9 and they willing gave of their weekend to come and hang out with these kids, play soccer with them and interact.  It’s days like to today that give me hope for the future generation.