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Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival. - The Self Reliance Shepherd

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival.

What a mad month this has been.  I have felt a lot of blog guilt for not writing more often, but I’ve been busy with a number of very cultural experiences.  Some sought after and some as a consequence of being here.

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival.

On the 9th a whole bunch of us went down to Jinhae for the Cherry Blossom Festival. We started out going to the local aquarium.


Mirrors on the side of the building-I see you

       They had a nice bell outside that you could bang on, so I did.
It was OK I just really love the random, weird animals they had, I just went around taking close up shots of all of them.
That dog thing is made from pearls.



I loved the interaction room, got this really cool pic thanks to Cara. Hahaha fish head.
They had to shell out a lot of money
on this, hahaha.
 They also had a cool old(ish) battle ship you could walk around on.  It smelt really musty and old.
 The festival itself was, well Korean, so not really what you’d expect. Lots of food stalls selling all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. Coconuts, braai-ed meat on a stick, potato on a stick, chestnuts, candy floss, ice-cream, mielies (that’s corn to the rest of you), dried fish and insect lava.
 From left to right: Monk enjoying a nice coconut. Korean pancakes. Curly potato on a stick, dipped in sugar.

What is a festival without a bubbling pot of insect lava, yum yum. 
  Meat on a stick and know showing your fingers in
that way means the same as showing them the other in Korea.

They had lots of tents set up with different activities to do like painting masks and making crafts. Some people were also making these sugar sweets things. 



There were people drawing characatures too.

Lots to buy too, I loved this slim ball. The seller was so funny he kept on saying e-chan won, (2000 won) e-chan won and chucking the ball on his make shift table, distorting the face.  Was really funny.

Also some native Americans playing music too.

 Serina, her kids and I went on a horse carriage ride in the late afternoon. It was cool, felt like Kate is going to feel riding like a Lady through the streets. 

A van full of army guys stopped next to us, guns and all, but couldn’t resist getting their picture taken. We headed back home late afternoon but it took us about an hour just to get out of Jinhae itself, traffic was so intense. 

It was a nice day, the weather is starting to warm up, spring at last.  I enjoyed hanging around with all the families that we went with. Walking lazily down the streets, waygooks(foreigners) en masse, the kids playing with each other and the adults chatting.

The blossoms were really beautiful. I absolutely love the cherry blossoms and magnolias in this country. Cherry blossoms look almost surreal like snow or a 3D picture. The dark colour of the bark also really compliments the pinky white flowers too.




Interesting people we saw throughout the day.


Sea cucumber seller


Dancing ladies-also often found outside shops that have
promotions, like electronic shops, very weird.


Dog in shoes-or is it a before and
after? Dog in arms, dog on stick.


Dig this lady, her dog has earrings in too.

Watch seller and monk banging thing for money. I’m so PC.