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My cute kids - The Self Reliance Shepherd

My cute kids

Sorry I’ve not been more proactive in posting. Been really busy, mom for a week, church conferences and um life. Also blogger was down for a bit, so sorry 🙁

Have a bunch of cool pics from my kids being cute that I just had to share. Enjoy xx


Da Bin’s depiction of me
You Jin wrote this note in my diary

Yair Na and her friend were staying after class and they kept coming near my office, giggling then running away. Eventually they go the nerve to come and ‘scare’ me with their lunch, Beondegi, silkworm pupae. I of course pretended to be absolutly shocked and scared lol.

I ate some it tasted like tuna, lol but just case Yair Na had tuna and pupae for lunch, yum sure beats peanut butter and jam sarmies!