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"Service" - The Self Reliance Shepherd


Ok so today on my way to work I got to see another example of great ‘service’ here in Korea.

Service is a way for Koreans to give you a bit extra, for example if you go to a nail salon and they apply an extra coat for free this is ‘service’

So this morning at the big intersection near my school were four or five guys in suits with Hyundai sashes on. They were basically acting as lollipop ladies and ‘stopping’ traffic to let the pedestrians walk.  I say ‘stopping’ cause all they did was, when the light went red, put their stop signs attached to poles across the road and ‘allowed’ the pedestrians to walk.

Then when it couldn’t get anymore bizarre or pointless they packed up and stood in front of their shop and waved at the people driving past.  It was so hilarious.  I can undertstand the whole ‘public service’ bit or the advertising behind it, although umm cars are not really an every month/year purchase, but it was still just a very pointless but entertaining experience for me.

It’s not everyday that you see a guy all shiny suited up picking up rubbish, with his grabby stick and waving at random cars driving past.

🙂 I love this country!