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Wow it’s been so long since I’ve last blogged. Pre-the best relationship I’ve ever been in, hence the engagement ring long. I guess I never thought that Binney’s travels don’t always have to include an exotic destination or a culture shock funny story, that perhaps my biggest adventures yet are the ones you can’t book in advance or fly to…..well maybe not all of them. 

So moving forward.. my new travels will take you down the road of self sufficiency, the road of less spending, more looking after body, mind and soul, more inspiration and more contentment. Ambitious to say the least!!

The ideas I have in mind include all the changes I’ve made to do things more naturally. Ideas to save where you can, finding ideas or quotes or pictures that inspire and bring joy. I might not be able to share something bizarre one of my students did but I hope to still make people smile.

Reason to smile, baby polar bear = cute!!!

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