Lessons from a mandolin

So on Saturday,while making dehydrated parsnip chips (more on that later), I sliced my finger with the mandolin and as I like to find meaning in all things, I’ve discovered three valuable lessons….

1. If you know what will happen and know it will hurt, don’t do it!! Or if you do, accept the consequences. In my case the consequence was telling myself “You idiot, you knew that would happen” and nearly fainting, but we’ll leave that out.

Hey I’m all for taking risks and taking a chance on something, but with some things, like a sharp blade, the risk is not worth the few extra slices of parsnip. 

It reminded me of a conversation I had with a work collegue recenlty. He was considering leaving our company to run his own business. I asked him, is staying and being safe a bigger risk than leaving and taking a chance. Risks are fantastic, I recommend them to anyone, but stop and think about it first, if you know it will hurt and is not worth the risk, seriously don’t do it.

2. Since I can’t use my thumb as I normally would, it has taught me that we are more adaptable than we think, especially regarding those things we feel totally dependant on and ‘can’t’ function without. I can butter bread, no thumb, pretty impressive hey, OK so I do have a thumb, but you know what I mean.

It’s the same for all the stuff in our lives too, from the trivial – like shampoo – to the really deep – like our insecurities, bad relationships or emotions. Those things we feel we are totally dependant on can be done away with and we adapt.

3. The hinderance of a sore thumb has made me slow down. I can’t wash my hair as quickly or make supper in a flash. I now have to be more aware of my surroundings or body. Bumping this baby kills, so I try and avoid knocking it as much as I can.

From this I’ve learnt that our most painful experiences are designed to make us stop, take stock and think about what has happened and why. 

Lesson in life add value and growth, some hurt, but no pain, no gain.


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