The great No Poo adventure and other discoveries

I finally find a few spare minutes to share the full NO-POO ADVENTURE I shared a bit of the journey on Facebook, but the nice thing about blogging is the ability to tell the whole story and not clog up people’s newsfeeds.

I’ve used John Freida for years, though it was a bit of a pricier option compared to the other supermarket brands, I loved how it made my hair feel, wash after wash, it felt lovely and soft. I found with a lot of other brands, the more I used them the less effective they were. I later found out from my hair dresser that hair gets used to the products you use after around 6 weeks. Makes sense why some shampoos are awesome at first the turn rubbish.

This was not a casual love affair, when I had a relief teaching casual ad hoc job, I’d rather spend money on JF than razor blades.

So you can imagine how devastated I was when the same day I used JF my hair felt limp, lifeless, even a bit greasy-ish, just gross. So being an avid googler, I looked for a reason, thinking I might be washing my hair too often. When I was a teenager I used to wash my hair every other day, but London grime/pollution made it necessary to wash everyday.

As the wonderful world of the internet does, ‘how often should you wash your hair’ lead to ‘do you know what you are putting on your head’ lead to ‘do you really need shampoo’ lead to NO POO’ and so the adventure began.

I’m in my 9th month of not using JF or any shop bought shampoo and while my hair is amazing now, getting there has been up and down and full of what I call GOLDEN RULES and a fair few bad hair days. But where I’m at right now, thick, full, shiny, soft, wash every 5 days, bouncy hair, it was so worth it.

The journey began with my new best friend Mr BS and his smelly companion ACV.

Notes to Novices: Learn what all the acronyms mean:
No Poo – not using traditional shampoo.
Low Poo – using natural alternative to shampoo, ie no chemicals.
BS – baking soda or bicarbonate of soda
ACV – apple cider vinegar.
WO – water only, washing your hair using only water.
BBB – boar bristle brush, natural fibres brush good for brushing all the natural oils down your hair to the roots.
CO – conditioner only, use conditioner to wash and condition hair. 
Slippery feeling (OK not an acronym) – when your hair is literally squeaky clean.
EVO – extra virgin olive oil.
  From other bloggers experience I first used 2 tablespoon BS to 1 cup of water and the same for the ACV.

 BS mix went into an old energiser bottle and the ACV in a cheap spray bottle form the Reject Shop. First wash with the BS my hair came up squeaky clean, but no lathering. That was probably the weirdest thing, no lather still clean…..

(Side track: What makes shampoo lather??  
Professor Google informs us that its a chemical called Cocamide DEA, MEA or TEA and I quote from the FDA (US food and drug administration) “The NTP (National Toxicology Program) completed a study in 1998 that found an association between the topical application of DEA and certain DEA-related ingredients and cancer in laboratory animals. 
For the DEA-related ingredients, the NTP study suggests that the carcinogenic response is linked to possible residual levels of DEA. The NTP study did not establish a link between DEA and the risk of cancer in humans” So it only causes cancer in animals, funny that is not making me think ‘I want to use it  because I’m human, so it’s not harmful’ Plus that was ’98. The cosmetics industry is not very regulated and all the chemicals acting together is what causese the nasties.
More info is on or more information on other chemicals are on

Back to no poo…..The ACV was a bit weird to use, since it smells like vinegar! I used the spray bottle to soak my hair with the the ACV, mostly the roots. The vinegar smell when away almost instantly and my hair was shiny, felt light and clean. I used the whole bottle of BS mix, saturated my hair and  started washing every 2nd day and here in lies GOLDEN RULE 1:Do your homework. No poo is meant to be used to extend the time between washes and not to be used as a daily or even every other day alternative to shampoo, also go easy on the BS.

Below are posts from Facebook 4th – 6th October:
DAY ONE: Ok so day 1 poo free. I made a mix last night of baking soda and decided to start with dry hair, just so I would be able to tell the difference between wet by water or wet by mix hair. It was a bit cold, might need to mix on the day in winter. Felt a bit weird at first, not having any suds, but started to feel clean after I got my whole head wet. But man oh man, once I rinsed my hair…squeaky clean! The vinegar rinse gave me a massive craving for fish and chips lol, put some in a spray bottle and sprayed a whole heap on. The biggest thing I noticed was my hair felt fuller or thicker after I rinsed everything out. Normally I get a very very sleek thin, soft feel from shampoo. I kept on smelling my hair and towels but there was not vinegar after smell at all.
Didn’t blow dry my hair, had 20 crows holding their annual squawking meeting on the roof at 5 am, so slept in! Feels soft, looks shiny and for left to dry is looking pretty good. I did notice not as much hair was falling out post wash, so happy about that. So far so good. I’m curious to try a blow dry on it too and I’ll see what it looks like tomorrow. Did notice a bit more static, but that might be cause I was touching it all day lol 🙂

DAY TWO, no poo. I plaited my hair last night to keep it from going wild, still feels really soft not as greasy as it does the day after shampoo-ing. I did notice it wasn’t as messy and tangled in the morning as it normally is. Because I have different layers a plait doesn’t keep it all in and most mornings I look like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards, but not this morn, was pretty sleek and manageable 🙂 Me like!
End of the day, hair is greasy considering I didn’t wash it today. But not significantly more or less greasy than when I shampoo washed it every second day. What is different though is that my hair feels much thicker, all my hair normally feels limp and yuck by day two, but now it feels thick and full, but a bit icky on top. Liking the results so far, hopefully the more I wash poo free the less I’ll need to.


DAY THREE: Hair was pretty yucky when I woke up this morning. But again really noticed it’s a lot fuller than it normally is. Washed again with my mix and hair is feeling and looking great. Even Joe commented on it looking good 🙂 Not going to keep posting every day I wash my hair, but I’ll check back in a month or so and after I blow dry it to report. From what I’ve read the more you use it the less often you need to, so we’ll see.

So mixed results. The dreaded transition period…. Lovely full hair, but yet going from washing your hair daily then trying to stretch that out will take awhile, yet again GOLDEN RULE 1:Do your homework. 
Here are Facebook posts around two weeks in 19th October:
Ok so poo free update. It’s been what about two weeks now, still loving how thick and full my hair feels. Even after sleeping it’s still feels bouncy and full of life. After one wash it felt almost like there was,residue on my hair, I know this sounds weird, but I think it just feels like hair. My hairdresser told me cheaper shampoos coat your hair with silicon, so think I’m used to plasticey feeling hair instead of real hair. Anyway next wash was less liberal with the vinegar and felt better. Yesterday even after been blown about my hair looked good. If I wash every second day, by day 3 it’s still looking a bit bleh, but no regrets. Oh and blow dries really well too.

21st October:

Tried double rinse this morning, ie using the vinegar rinse twice, helped with the residue feeling, read online that many other no pooh people get, as they call it, waxy feeling hair and the double rinse seemed to fix that up. Think I’m heading towards transitional period bleh, hair was so greasy this morning, last washed Sat morn. Washed this morning and feels a bit greasy now. Going to stick with it, lol there is a Facebook group for poo free and from what I’ve read, time, time, time. Still loving how full of life my hair is and the shininess. Onward you hippie

The most frustrating thing was having a few really great days then waxy or bleh feeling hair. I felt almost like it was a bit of an obsession…’what’s my hair doing today’ I also wanted to share what I was doing, but with yucky looking hair it’s hard to convince people it’s an option. Not long after I learnt all about GOLDEN RULE 2:Get support. I found a group on Facebook (no I really don’t spend my life on FB). 

Below are some posts and responses from the other group members. 22nd October:
Me: Sorry I know most of what I write will have been answered before, I’ve been looking through previous posts but as everyone is different, I thought I’d ask anyway….just really want to make sure I’m on the right track. Been using bs/acv since 3rd Oct, I was washing every second day (oops), was great until about a week ago when my hair felt a bit waxy, looked great but felt waxy. I even washed the next day (double oops) and ended up with slightly dry hair. I now know thanks to you all that bs dries hair and not to wash every second day…..right? I double rinsed with acv and that seemed to have resolved most of the waxy feeling, does anybody know if that’s the right thing for it. Last washed yesterday and will hold out and wash again until the day after tomorrow. Should I just wo, my hair is not super greasy, but just greasy enough to be a bit self conscious. Just really want to know if I’m on the right track. Also thinking of using a honey rinse, how could I include that into my routine? Thank you, from down under.
Group Member: Welcome! Yes, you’re on the right track. Leave at least 3-4 days between washes (that’s a minimum, go longer if you can). If the waxiness comes back try apples, like this Yes you can do WO on in between days and you can use a little homemade dry shampoo if you need too (don’t overdo it though). The easiest way to include honey is either to do it on its own on in between days or add a spoonful of honey to your acv solution.

28th October:
Me: Can anyone tell me what causes the waxiness on hair, I’m in about week two of no poo-ing every 3 day, previous two weeks was washing every second day with bs/acv. Have noticed a bit of waxiness, not totally yucky and my hair looks ok, but can feel it. I’ve heard of apple sauce, but not sure if my hair is ‘bad’ enough. Is waxiness also just part of the transition? If I wash the morning of day 1 by the morn of day 4 hair is super greasy, so still finding my hair Zen. Any waxy info would be appreciated.

Group Member 1: There are 2 reasons for waxiness: transition or hard water. Yours sounds like transition. Try the apple mask – I bet it will help.

Group member 2: Applesauce worked miracles for me …

Group member 3: Do an egg wash! They’re great for that. Waxiness is combination of old shampoo/conditioner/hair product build up and sebum. It took me about a month to get through it. I wish I used egg sooner. Take 1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk with equal parts water, whisked.

Me: Great thank you. Glad to hear it’s a normal part of no poo. I may try the egg wash, Stella, how often do you use it?

Group member 3:  It’s totally normal! The applesauce mask didn’t work for me. I’ve only done it twice. I’ve been no-poo for 3 months. Just put it in wet hair, use it like shampoo, and rinse with cool water. You could use more or less egg depending on how long your hair is. And yolks are good if yours is dry. Good luck!

Another fun adventure, washing hair with an egg. Felt very weird and a bit wrong, but yet pretty cool at the same time. Why egg?

(Side track:Well according to “Conditioning your hair with eggs enhances hair growth because eggs contain lots of protein. Hair is composed of 70 percent keratin protein, so egg protein helps rebuild damaged hair by filling in weakened spots along the hair strand, which temporarily strengthens the hair. Eggs contain a large amount of protein–ranging from 3.6 to 6.5 g per egg–which makes egg conditioning an intense protein treatment. Including egg conditioning in your hair regiment can help you maintain strong hair, which is essential for growth.” See more on

Don’t use it daily because of the high protein content it can dry or damage your hair if you overdo it. Also don’t use hot water or you will cook the egg!! 

The food plot thickens, (my hair hopefully) 30th October:
Me: I’ve just done an egg wash and hair still feels waxy, does it take a few goes before it works? Also do you combo it with an acv rinse or just use it on it’s own? Thank you.

GM1: Waxy hair needs an Apple Sauce mask not egg. Egg cuts through the oil, not wax. They’re not the same thing.

GM2: Egg is good for oil, not wax.

Me: Oh, I was told egg was good for wax, oops. I can’t open the notes file using my phone, can anyone give me a recipe for a mask, just apples boiled down?

GM2: This is from the files:
Waxy hair is a normal part of transition. Most people find that the best solution is an applesauce mask. Often the waxiness does not return after using this mask
Instructions: Buy or make applesauce. Make sure it contains no additives – just pure apples. It’s best to put it through a blender to make it as smooth as possible.
Apply to dry hair.Leave it in for about half an hour.Rinse out.
You can do a wash with any no poo or low poo method afterwards or you can just rinse it out with water.
If it’s still a bit waxy once it’s dry you can do the mask again after a few days and keep doing it regularly until the wax is gone. Usually one or two times is enough.
This works for most people but not everyone. If this doesn’t work for you try Leah’s aloe and honey recipe instead (in the ‘pinned posts’ at the top of the main page). Also, keep brushing with a bbb, that can help a bit too.

Me: Superstar, thanks Lisa!

GM3: Egg can work for wax too but apples are better.

Me: Washed my hair earlier with bs/acv and it feels awesome!! Not sure if I should have just washed it with the mix straight after using the egg mix.

GM3: I’ll copy the egg wash instructions for you, in case it helps. A few people do wash with bs after an egg wash but for 99% of people it isn’t necessary – you might be in the 1% though. I try doing the egg wash a few times in a few different ways before you start using bs afterwards though – because using egg and bs in one wash is quite harsh and might be over-cleaning:
-Egg is great for hair! It adds protein and moisture, it’s good for clarifying and adding volume and it’s brilliant at cutting through grease. 1. Beat 1-3 eggs (depending on how much hair you have) and dilute with a roughly equal amount of water.
2. Apply to wet hair, massage VERY well, leave to sit for a minimum of 5 minutes
3. Rinse thoroughly with water. *Make sure that you use cool water to avoid cooking the egg.*
Can be followed by any kind of acid/herbal/tea rinse. A rinse is not essential.
It’s strongly recommended to leave your hair to air dry afterwards (if you have a tiny bit of residue it might cook and coat your hair).
Some people use another cleanser (like BS+acv) after the egg but they seem to be a minority so try egg alone the first time.
Some people use just the yolk (sometimes diluted with lemon juice) and others use just the white but most people seem fine with the whole egg.

Frequency: Egg adds protein to your hair. It is possible to use egg too often and overdose on protein. Every ones hair needs a different amount of protein, depending on porosity so there are no absolute rules about how often to use egg, you just have to find out what’s right for your hair. Most hair seems to be able to cope with monthly egg washes. Do not use egg more often than about once a week. Hair that has too much protein will become brittle and break. If you don’t like egg there are other natural ways to add protein, like gelatin.

Smell:The vast majority of people, the vast majority of the time don’t experience any egg smell once their hair is dry. But it can happen to some people sometimes. Some people are more sensitive to the smell than others. It seems like you can minimise the chance of smell by using very fresh eggs (preferably organic) and making sure the whole process is cool (no warm water or blow drying).

Me: Aah thank you, I washed out immediately, that could be why. I did the bs/acv in the eve;postID=1517558963716559272;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postnamening, washing with egg in the morning. Hair is fab today, the day after. Thanks Clare, x

Enter GOLDEN RULE 3: Every one is an expert. and that is semi sarcastic. There is soooo much info on the internet that it is hard to really shift through what is accurate and what is ‘expert’ advice. Some said egg was good for wax and others

Every ones hair is different. Which makes it hard to take every ones expert opinion as law. Also makes it hard to know which ‘recipe’ to follow. It’s very much trial and error.

Moving along the journey, I went from waxy to flaky, 14th November:
Me: Been poo free,(bs & acv) for just over a month, nearly over the waxy phase, comes and goes, but since last wash have noticed a bit of flaking, not really noticeable, more like if I scratch my scalp I noticed flakes and it feels a bit waxy, again. Going to do an apple mask soon. Does anyone know why this might be. Went to the salon on Saturday, she did put a bit of product in my hair, but not my scalp, any advice on how to get rid of it?? Thanks.

GM 1:The flakes may be scalp skin shedding – it’s a normal process. 

Me: Ok cool, didn’t feel wrong if that makes sense, but my hair is so much fuller with no poo. Just need to get an apple mask in and I think I’ll be set. 

GM1:Mine does too. (re Hair feels fuller). Apple masks are great – baby food is a great way to do them… or really, really blend up apples in a food processor!

Me: Hmmm baby food, what a great idea! I bought apples and will try processing them and see how it goes. The waxiness comes and goes. No issues with this wash. I’m still quite greasy by day 3, hopefully this will get better over time. Thanks for the advice.
First things first, the apple wash. You know those times in life when you think, ‘What the heck am I doing’ or ‘I hope no one sees me now’ well this was definitely the time to think both and several other variations. 
Bought some apples, cut into small blocks and simmered away on the stove. For some unknown reason sort of mushed them up instead of properly blending/processing them. Proceeded to crouch in shower rubbing small blobs of apple into my hair. Trying to leave it in my hair for a few minutes only resulted in ice cold pieces of apple dripping down my back and face….the things we do for good hair. Hands became a sticky mess of apple bits and hair, charming.

Post wash I played hunt the apple blobs trying to make sure that no evidence was left behind. The last thing my Knight would enjoy is to find apple bits between his toes as he showered. I think I should find a support group for men whose woman do weird natural stuff. Poor dear was already subjected to a bathroom that smelt like a greasy chip shop (vinegar and oil – more on that later), I thought chunks of fruit in the shower may be a bit too natural for him.

Did it do anything…..Nope! Good to know the flakiness was normal though, it wasn’t dandruff like flakiness but still a bit yucky to find waxy white gunk under my fingernails when I scratch my head.

Enter the low point 🙁 This was where I very nearly threw the towel in, reading tons and tons of success stories about how wonderful their hair was,but I was just not getting the same result.16th January:
Me: Please help, I’m ready to go back to shampoo, but really, really don’t want to. Been poo free for 3 mnths, just past shoulder, medium thick hair that has lovely curls at the ends, not super curly. Been using bs/acv method only. Things started off well, had a waxy phase, got over that and hair was great for a bit. I used to wash the morning of days 1 and 4, stretched it out to day 5, but hair looked yucky and oily on day 4 so went back to 1&4. Three washes ago I started having a sticky hair problem – thought it might have been because I showered at a friend’s place and since their showers pressure is rubbish, I thought I’d not rinsed out the bs properly. But washed twice since, at home, and think bs is not the culprit. Using 1tsp bs to 1 cup water (today added 1tsp to 2 cups, same result) hair comes squeaky clean, or slippery feeling. I’m thinking it’s the acv. When I use it (spray bottle) my hair feels super sticky, literally feels like I have glue on my hands as I rinse it out. It’s horrible to touch, so I rinse out the acv then put it up in a towel. As it dries feels like it has residue left behind or waxy, looks pretty good though, but feels yucky and by day 4 is super greasy. The thing that makes me want to quit though is the tons and tons of hair that is coming out. Please please help. I love the thickness and how my hair looks but the hair loss and the horrible way my hair feels is making me want to change back. Thank you 

Me: Oh and now my hair is drying with super beautiful curls just feels residuey and quite dry at the ends. If it didn’t look so nice….. But seriously the hair loss is a bit extreme, basin and shower and bathroom floor all full of hair, no changes to my diet?? And I hardly ever brush my hair.Sorry forgot to mention, the residue was on my hands when I acv rinsed, used a bit of bs water to clean them. But literally it was like my hands had sticky residue on them once I used the acv, so thinking bs is not at fault?

GM 1:You’re not really supposed to use BS long term. I think that’s more supposed to start out your transition. you’re gradually supposed to use it less and less frequently. I almost never use it at all. I basically just use water and honey and tea and FERMENTED RICE WATER (once your scalp can regulate oils properly, you won’t need to use BS at all. maybe once in a blue moon, i think? you can also use soap nuts instead of BS, which is what I’m going to do because BS dries my hair out too much). For hair loss, use fermented rice water. I just used my first batch and loved it I can’t post the link right now, but there are many on google (and on this page somewhere..) just type in “fermented rice water hair” or something to the same effect. If you get an article about Tao women, that’s the same one I used as a guide. And it does a lot more than reduce hair loss.You want to help your hair/body along, but not do its work for it, you know? our bodies are designed a certain way for a reason.

GM2: Emily Dawn there’s no evidence long term BS usage is bad. In fact the only time it IS bad is when it’s used too often. (Daily not leaving 3+ days between washes). But then shampoo is bad for that same usage!!

GM3:Are you sure there is nothing else going on? Hormonal changes, stressful events etc these may affect the hair not just what you put on it. Good luck x

GM4: Do you use a bbb? I’m a curly and never used to brush my hair – now I do before I shower bc it helps so much with the grease. I just use water and conditioner only about once every 4 days. I am not entirely sure my conditioner is fully “low poo” but I’m definitely closer to no chemicals than I was before. And my hair is great. I get many comments from friends and fam.
GM5: Try low poo.

Me: Thanks everyone hair loss might be due to other issues, just really confused about the sticky hair and I’m not convinced it’s the bs. Hair felt ok until I put acv on. Don’t use bbb at all. Thinking of maybe doing bs and low poo conditioner?

GM 3:I get the sticky feeling too sometimes and I am wo for past four months, I haven’t worked out why it comes or goes. I think it is less when weather is hotter and drier and if I brush well before washing and vary the water temp as I wash, plus rinse with head upside down! But I am still experimenting.

GM 6: I’m thinking the issue may be because you are NOT brushing. Here’s my thought process…. You don’t brush, so the oils and sebum are not being moved down the hair shaft and essentially not moisturising the rest of your hair (and releasing into the brush). The oils that are being released are “clumping”? and muddying up the hair when mixed with the acv, thus also making it seem that when you detangle, a lot of hair is coming out, because essentially not using a brush never pulls it out on a regular basis for you. Hair loss to a point is normal and if its never coming out then you’ll definitely see a lot of loss when finally detangling. Thoughts?

GM 4: Definitely use a bbb!! It makes all the difference. I use brand conditioner. The aloe one. It’s not perfectly chemical free but closer than what I was using before. You might not need BS if you use conditioner with a bbb. I def use the brush as-cleaning phase one and conditioner as phase 2 cleaning. This method even got out the product I used for my sisters wedding!. Good luck!! Also, since I have curly hair, I brush before I shower. Or I brush then re wet hair to get curls back.

Me:Guess what I’m buying this weekend!  

GM 7: Have you tried plopping? You may find it helps get even more curls than just the ends. Brush brush brush.. Upside down, to the left and the right… You’ll be amazed.

It was really heart breaking. That sticky feeling was the worst. It literally felt like I had coated my hands in glue or honey and my hair stuck to my hands. The weird thing was my hands had residue on them. Almost like old grease, if that makes sense. You know like if a section of your kitchen table gets a lot of grease or oil on it and it’s not cleaned in a while and you go to clean it, it’s coated in a waxy residue. Yip not pleasant at all.

Was a bit of a stressful time too, so wasn’t sure if my hair was suffering from no poo or from the result of what was happening inside. Was also losing weight and feeling generally rubbish. Add to that looking rubbish in the hair department made me feel even worse.. vicious cycle.
Remember GOLDEN RULE 2:Get support.19th January:
Me: Yay, a big thank you to the lovely ladies that suggested I get a bbb to help with sticky when rinsing with acv hair. Got one on Sat, brushed at night and before my wash yesterday and hair feels much better 🙂 It’s still got a bit of a residue feeling, will apple sauce mask this week, but my scalp/roots were shiny, soft and pretty. I can feel the residue moving down my hair. Thank you 🙂 I nearly gave up, so grateful for this group xox

(Side track: Boar bristle brushes are really good and moving sebum from your roots to the ends of your hair and allowing your own natural oils to coat your hair and make it beautiful. This site says it all really, plus a weird video of people brushing their hair in front of an older gentleman… The site also has a nice honey shampoo recipe, didn’t try it myself, but might be worth a look.  I did try a honey mix at one stage and it didn’t really do anything for my hair. Just pop shampoo in the search function on her blog and it comes up)

Last Facebook post,14th February:
Me: Hi there, any ideas on what makes my hair feel sticky? Using 1tsp bs/2cups water & 1tsp acv/2cups water and my hair is super sticky after washing, lots falls out, no growth, but when it dries it looks lovely until day 4 when it’s greasy with white build up on my scalp. Thinking of switching to soap nuts…any thoughts? 

Didn’t really get a response from any one, except suggesting I’m using too much BS. But I used to use more before my hair started getting sticky, especially after using ACV.  

GOLDEN RULE 5:Sometimes you’ve just got to work it out for yourself.

I decided the ACV was the culprit and spent a few washes just using the BS. My hair was lovely and bouncy, but was starting to dry out. My hair dresser really emphasised the importance of using a conditioner and suggested I get a leave in one or a natural alternative. 
(Side track: Hair dresser has been lovely and supportive and doesn’t wash my hair when I go in. She said my hair is looking healthy and good 🙂
I did a bit of investigating and came across a company called Moo Goo I bought their cream conditioner, $18 for 500ml. My JF was $12 for 250ml, so Moo Goo works out a bit cheaper.

What I love about their website is a break down of what the ingredients are and I verified the information with Professor Google 😉

See the link below for the ingredient list. 

So since around March I’ve been using 1Tbs Baking Soda to 1 Cup of water, this lasts around 3-4 washes.  Initially I used the conditioner only on my roots. Loved, loved, loved my hair, soft, beautiful, full – like a lion’s mane, gorgeous hair. Washed the morning of days 1 & 4.

GOLDEN RULE 6: Patience required in abundance!!

All sweet but I then noticed when I scratched my scalp I’d have a bit of a waxy white residue under my finger nails. Not like dandruff and flaky, only very obvious when I scratched my scalp. Also my scalp would feel a tad itchy every now and then. 

Turned to the internet once again and found some really great article about sebum build up. Especially love this article 

Also using oils or the oil cleansing method is good for sebum build up. I will be posting about OCM next. I use if on my face. I gave my scalp a wash with oil and it helped for a few days after, so waxy gunk. Found other sites that said it might be stress (hello again) or caused from baking soda. BS is alkaline and again on further investigation the reason you use an acid wash (ACV) is to neutralise the alkaline effect. Seeing as how the conditioner is scalp friendly and PH balanced, as of around two months ago I’ve used it on my scalp too. 

FINALLY!!! Absolute hair nirvana. My hair has never felt so full, thick, full of bounce, blow dries beautifully, soft, shiny and healthy. Still use the same ratio of BS to water (1tbs/1cup) which lasts around 3-4 washes. I wet the top of my hair along the hair line, flip upside down and wet the hair line along the back. Section my hair and wet my scalp around the crown too. Most times my roots are still dry.

The conditioner is $18 for 500ml vs $12-$15 (x2 shampoo and conditioner) for 250 ml JF, so saving $8 in bought hair care. Plus since I only was every 5 days, it will last forever. The bottle is still heavy and I bought it in March. When it runs out I’ll post the date for actual costing.
But more importantly now I wash my hair the morning of day 1 and day 6. Just naturally added and extra day after using the conditioner on my scalp. 

Top Left – Day 5, Bottom Left -End of Day 4, Right – Day 2

 Day 1-3, hair down, looking good. End of day 3, may get a bit on the greasy side, but nothing yucky. 

Day 4 is normally up, my scalp will start to look a little greasy but rest of my hair is still super bouncy and beautiful, so get away with a pony tail.
Day 5 hair is normally in a bun, if I use my BBB to smooth down the roots is doesn’t look as greasy as it would if I combed or brushed it. It’s a bit greasy but I go to work and don’t feel yucky.

I only use my BBB before I wash my hair or to smooth it down when putting it up. I find brushing on other days makes my hair super static and doesn’t really add much to it. I have a fair amount of hair falling out during washing but since it’s every 5 days it’s not that bad and no significant hair loss between washing. But my hair does seem to be growing 🙂 🙂

In conclusion… $18 for 500ml washing and getting 5 days worth of gorgeous hair vs $24-$30 for 500ml and getting one day of what I thought was gorgeous hair. But to get from A to B there could potentially be a whole lot of frustration, however the learning and growth and end result for me make it worth it 100 times over.

The future…… Thinking of doing alternating between a CO and BS/conditioner wash. So reducing the BS to around once a month. Also thinking of incorporating an egg wash around once a month. For now I just want to enjoy having lovely, healthy, chemically free beautiful hair 🙂 

Added bonuses: 
Reduced spending – cheaper; Less plastic bottles – save the planet; Less time in the shower since not washing hair every day – save water and time; Better for towels (if like me you use a separate one for your hair) – towels last longer and less work for washing machine; Less blow drying – less heat damage for your hair. It’s a win win win 🙂

Looking to try some No Poo yourself, you can buy essential oils HERE

~ Allison, called Binney


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