There is no try, only do.

It’s resurrection season. 2017 seems to me to be a year of new. Or rather the year of what you wanted to do last year but just didn’t get off the ground. My sister shared an article with me about the numerology of 2016/2017 and while I am not a believer of numerology – I have never looked into it, but the article made sense and resonated with how I felt and am feeling about the year, both of them.

With that spring board to jump off I have decided to capitalise on the decision I made last year to start blogging again. To start living again and to start loving life again. Not that there was not any living or loving in the past few years, but certainly I have felt a sense of not living to ones potential going on. I toyed with the idea of a blog name change, but ultimately whether your journey is of a ‘look at my cool travelling around the world’ or a ‘hey look at this cool stuff that helps my everyday life’ or a ‘this is the uphill I’m on at the moment’ all qualify as a journey. I have had very strong impressions of late to share my journey and experiences and if perhaps one person can adopt something that makes their life a bit easier/happier, then I feel like I have fulfilled what I was put here to do.

I’ll start with my parable about the gem squash. Gem squash are the most delicious and yummy squashes, native to South Africa. I grew up with them and found them at a South African shop here in Oz. About 3-4 years ago we bought some seeds with the intention of starting a few veggies outside. 3-4 years later that has become a reality. (Lesson 1, some intentions take a loooooong time to become reality) I planted the seeds on the 23rd December along with some tomatoes and lettuce. The latter crops soon sprung up and after diligent watering and a few words of encouragement we got to day 9 of the 10 day expected germination period. I decided that if the seeds did not sprout by the 2nd Jan, Monday, I would reuse the pot and call it quits. The morning of the 1st, as I went out to water my little seedlings, lo and behold there peeking out of the pot were two little green sprouts.

Lesson 2, some things take time, though it might not look like a whole lot is going on, beneath the surface life is stirring and lesson 3, sometimes waiting sets you up for something wonderful.

Had the seedlings sprouted on any other day, I would not have seen their ‘birth’ on the first as the omen of growth and good things to come that I see it to be.

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