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6 Tips to navigating through what is Hot and Trending - The Self Reliance Shepherd

6 Tips to navigating through what is Hot and Trending

‘Trending’ ‘What’s Hot’ ‘The In Thing’ ‘The Latest Craze’

Call it what you want, there is no denying the internet is full of the latest trends and must haves or does, especially when it comes to our health. I remember when you couldn’t go anywhere without some kale sprouting on your page and now it seems turmeric is painting the town, well yellow. With so much information out there it is really easy to get, at best confused and at worst overwhelmed.

So how do you safely navigate through all the trends you read? I’d like to share some of the things I do when faced with another fad.

6 Trending Navigation Tips

1. Educate yourself. The web has opened us up to a number of ‘experts’ often reproducing information they’ve seen elsewhere and adding their own spin to it. I’m neither opposed to or condone this, everyone has the right to write whatever they want on their own blog/website, but it is our responsibility to educate ourselves.

 Life gives you lemons… In my quest to balance my hormones I read a book on adrenal fatigue and learnt a whole heap about acidosis (your body being too acidic). Now when I see multiple posts talking about drinking lemon juice in water I understand the why behind it and can make an educated decision on whether to take it on board or not.

How do you educate yourself? Try the local library and grab some reference books. Ask questions, cross-reference and delve deeper to find the answers. Learn how the body works. Be like an onion and keep peeling away layers until you learn the how’s and why’s.  Time consuming, perhaps, but your health and well-being are worth it.

2. Do they have Personal Experience. First off let me say I don’t think that only those with direct personal experience are ‘allowed’ to write, but when I read something online or watch a video, those sharing personal experiences speak to me in a different way than those that don’t.

There is a certain amount of vulnerability that comes from sharing personal experiences that jumps out of a page or post to inspire or help others. Also I find that when you share your experiences you have been the guinea pig, done a lot of the leg work already and can give others the condensed version of your journey and confidently answer questions.

3. Investigate the links for the whole truth. Many blogs or websites quote sections from other sites or add links as reference points. Go and read the whole article. By unintentionally or intentionally choosing choice phrases or sections out of other posts we can be lead to miss out on the whole truth.

My own blog is a perfect example, in my DIY Deodorant blog post I quoted the following  from www.webmd.com regarding the ingredients in deodorants:

‘Most antiperspirant worries center on the active ingredient — an aluminum-based compound that temporarily plugs the sweat ducts and prevents you from perspiring’ 

If you read the article it goes on to talk about how the link between aluminum in deodorant and cancer has not been established with certainty, however if you read it at face-value it appears more sinister. It goes to show that a quote taken from another credible site can be manipulated or misunderstood.

*disclaimer – in my blog post I mentioned that I was not concerned about the aluminum but the plugging of sweat ducts and hence used the quote*

4. What are they selling. Ok let me make it 100% clear that I have nothing against making money from what you say or promote on the internet. If I did I would be THE worst hypocrite as I am hoping, long-term to turn blogging into a business and preferably a profitable one. So what do I mean?

I like to look at the motive behind the post or information. Is it purely to promote their own product, does it bash other sites or products and it is consistent with the websites other posts. Can I find similar information without the sales pitch at the end or does the selling aspect actually enhance the content. 

A quick example would be when I post about essential oils, offering a link to buy them would seem appropriate. If I were to write/read a post about how horrible essential oil company X is and then offer a link to buy from company Y, that sits less comfortably with me.

5. Focus on what you need right now.

There is always going to be way more suggestions and information out there for you to implement, than you have time to implement. Be selective. What do you need right now? I have been reading heaps about the benefits of turmeric and I’m keen to add it to my routine, but with finite finances, I am choosing to focus on probiotics and gut health first. My thinking is let me focus on my body’s ability to absorb nutrients before I focus on the nutrients themselves.

It takes the pressure of wanting to keep up and make turmeric paste and investigate supplements, instead I have a plan for my health and I’m taking one step at a time. 

6. Can it or does it fit in with my lifestyle.

My last tip is to take time out to consider if what you are looking into will fit into your lifestyle or does it require a massive overhaul of the way you live right now. If an overhaul is required, look into the practicalities of that and I’d say spend more time investigating if it is going to be the right thing for you.

For example I quit sugar as a monthly experiment in October 2015. It was easy for me because of a natural no sugar diet and mind-set, if I were to try a Paleo diet however, it would take a lot more rearranging and organisation. If you are going to cause upheaval at the very least make sure it is worth it, see tip 1.

Those are my 6 tips that help me to wade through all the information that is out there. What tips do you use? Pop them into the comments.

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~ Allison, called Binney ~