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The Essential Edit - The Self Reliance Shepherd

The Essential Edit

I am a huge fan of structure and putting things in order, so to ease my own pernickety nature I wanted to post an introduction to The Essential Edit blog category.

I have been using essential oils for years now. It started when I wanted to make my DIY Deodorant smell nice back in 2014. I knew very little about any benefits the oils had. Though despite having a strong smell and being an unusual choice for your armpits, I did feel drawn to Lemon Grass EO, but more on that intuition later.

Enter Doterra

One Saturday while at a local farmers market I came across a stall that was promoting Doterra essential oils. I had a chat with the person manning the stall and she invited me to an education evening. I did some research and learnt that Doterra, like Tupperware, had the whole network marketing feel to it.

Being a skeptic and hating being sold to, I went to the education evening with a little apprehension. The main reason I went was because the oils themselves smelt better than what I was using and the company seemed great.

Needless to say the evening was just that, educational. In fact I left wondering why they hadn’t ‘signed me up’ since I was clearly showing all the buying signs.

This has been my Doterra experience. Nothing but education and sharing. I know there would be others out there that perhaps have encountered a different side to the company and that is a real shame.

Wellness Advocate

I signed up as a Wellness Advocate – ie being able to sell on the 30th June 2015. It only cost around $30 something for the year. The only reason, at that time, I signed up was for wholesale prices. For example Lavender retails at around $37 yet wholesale is $28*

I then discovered they have a loyalty programme. It meant if I set up a recurring monthly order I got points. Those points can be used towards buying oils. This has been a huge blessing for me while I transition from full-time paid employment to working from home. Instead of using my savings to buy oils I can use points for a few months until I get settled in.

Plus, what is appealing to me now, is the added benefit. I can share the oils and make money. Win win. They handle all the postage, packaging and shipping and you get a link to a customisable online store to integrate into your blog. So easy.

The Essential Edit

The Essential Edit is my opportunity to pass on my experiences with essential oils. Instead of bombarding you with 100 ways to use an oil I’m going to share how I personally use the oils and will try my best to research the why behind what the oils do.

I can honestly say that using essential oils has enhanced my quality of life. I’m so keen to share how it has with you. I’d like you to know that the more you use them the more intuitive it becomes.

What I mean by that is you start to get drawn to or even away from different oils instinctively and this will be a great benefit to your well-being.

Lemon Grass is the perfect example. For a while I was really drawn to it and though it has a strong, not sweet and floral smell I felt a connection with it. Not surprising then when I learnt that in aromatherapy it is said to aid the release of resentment and regret while promoting feelings of hope, courage and optimism** No wonder it appealed to me especially as I was struggling with those emotions around the time I first started using Lemon Grass.

Final words on Doterra

I did a lot of research before I committed to using their oils and I encourage you to do so too. A lot of the negativity I found online surrounded the selling aspect of Doterra.

I tend to think of it like Tupperware. We all know that Tupperware is great, my mom has Tupperware from when I was a kid, so over 30 years old! No pushy sales person would really put me off thinking of Tupperware as a good brand, as the product sells itself.

Doterra in my view is similar. I like the brand, find the oils to be good quality and they have enhanced my life. The product sells itself.

Stay tuned as I introduce you to some amazing oils.

Looking to try some oils yourself, you can buy Doterra’s oils HERE

~Allison called Binney

*prices correct as of 07/06/17
** Essential oils for Beginners – Althea Press 2013

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