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Weekly Check-in ~ Monday 12th June 2017

I have decided to add a weekly check-in to my blog.

It came to me as I was thinking about content and how it’s hard sometimes to write content without adding your personal life to it and I do want to share a part of my personal life with readers. Yet on the other hand when I’m reading a blog post, say for a recipe, specifically from someone I don’t follow regularly, I always skim past the personal stuff at the top and scroll down to the recipe at the bottom. So to balance the two, I thought I’d do a weekly check-in, aka all the personal stuff and as much as possible leave the posts specific to their content.

So… my first check in…. I find myself self-employed or unemployed, depending on your outlook. I recently resigned from a full-time training job working on behalf of a major banking group here in Australia. I loved what I did, loved educating people, meeting new people, creating content and delivering it, loved the people I worked with, yet almost 5 years in I had grown complacent, comfortable and settling for what I deep down knew was not right for me.

My exit to the business was not in the way I had envisioned and I know the cliché goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, however in my case I had been thinking of lemonade for such a long time but it finally took a big fat juicy lemon to start the process. I feel incredibly blessed for events that forced me to feel I had no option but to quit and follow my dreams. I wish I had been braver and taken the leap off my own courage, but I’ll take the lemonade anyway it comes to me.

What have I learnt from the last few weeks….

Financially if you were to find yourself without work, it would put most people into a spin, yet within a few minutes, I was able to work out exactly where we were at and where we were heading. It is precisely that kind of awareness that I mentioned in my first blog about wealth and is exactly the kind of things I would like to share with others. It gave me encouragement that I have something worthwhile to share.

As a Christian I am a big believer in the Power of Prayer and I had been praying for a long time for an out. If the concept of prayer doesn’t resonate with you, then think of the ‘power of attraction’ concept that I hear being used by those who believe the universe is the giver of all. When you ask sincerely and something is right for you, it will come to pass.

Preparation brings peace, these last few weeks I have been in full preparation mode by setting goals in some new notebooks, buying a new office chair, reading a great book on time management and looking for ways to supplement my income without taking me away from my passions. The few days I took out to prepare myself for what was coming have helped me to feel at ease with my decision and ready to capitalise on opportunities.

We need to make time for Things that Matter Most. The last few days I have enjoyed myself more than I have in a long time. I am not bound to this endless cycle of working one more day, week, month, year until I can save up enough money to do xy and z only then will I have more time to work on my blog/own business, I feel free to spend real quality time with my husband and I feel free to devout time to things that move me. Only now I realise how the way I was living was distracting me from what mattered most.

Bills still need to be paid. Until I am able to earn a decent living from blogging and courses the bills are still there, but what I’m prepared to do to pay them and what I’m prepared to go without to put effort into my dreams has changed. Things I would previously not have considered, like mystery shopping or part-time work are now looking appealing to me. Also there is the added benefit that I can blog about those experiences too. Like Zig Ziglar said, what are you prepared to give up to go up?

So where does that leave me now. With a beautifully clean slate ready to move forward and time, that precious gift of time to do what my heart is telling me to do.

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Until next week…

~ Allison, called Binney

2 thoughts on “Weekly Check-in ~ Monday 12th June 2017

  1. Very proud of you. Enjoy the ride. Life isn’t only about the destination, it’s about enjoying the journery.

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