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Weekly Check-in ~ Monday 19th June 2017

I am enjoying the idea of doing a weekly check-in. It really helps me to reflect on the week and because I am writing about it, it makes me think of each day and what it brought me.

This week felt super productive, I found myself getting into a bit of a routine and groove. I completed a blog post, which I have had in my head for a while now about creating a personal team , it feels great to get it published. I had a visit from a kookaburra, which made for a nice addition to Instagram and I signed up with an online course creating website to get ready to launch my e-courses.

I am also super excited that I found an event to go to hosted by the League of Extraordinary Woman. I mean who would I be if I didn’t take me own advice and get out and connect with people. It shows me that I’m taking what I’m doing seriously. This is not just a little hobby, this is my business and it means a lot to me. I’m hoping it will be the first of many exciting outings and connections.

On the job front, I completed my second mystery shop, which was heaps of fun. It has even inspired me with a blog post idea, but more on that once I have a bit more experience under my belt.

The other bit of job news is that I got a part-time job. Which is yay and not so yay. The interview was pretty fun and it seems like a nice place to work at, I just found it so bizarre going for an interview after 4 1/2 years at the same job. I also found it a bit strange to have to almost force myself to ignore the bits on progression and development, reminding myself that it’s only a 3 days a week, pay the bills job which will leave me time to follow my passions.

The yay is that the bills I mentioned in last week’s check in are going to be taken care of and that takes a bit of pressure off me, so I can enjoy the process of building my business rather than being super conscious about monetising it.

The not so yay part of it is that it’s taking away time that I could be using on my own goals. But for now it feels like a happy compromise.

I was super blessed though as the first week’s training finishes at 5pm which means I have time to go to the event I mentioned above. If it had been next week I finish training at 7:30pm and would have missed it. That is how you feel the Lord is giving a boost of confidence that you are on the right track, things fall into place.

Lessons from this week…

A really big lesson I learnt is that once something is out of your mouth, you have no control over it. I learnt this in two ways.

Firstly, when you tell somebody something in confidence, even if they agree with you and seem to be trustworthy and will maintain your confidentiality, once something is out of your mouth, you have no control over it and where it goes.

I have always tried to live by the rule that no matter what I say, would I feel comfortable if others, not privy to the conversation were to hear it. This week was a reminder to be more mindful of what I say to who and to not speak in anger or when prideful.

Secondly, once something is out of your mouth, you have no control over it and how it will affect other people. I made a passing comment to my husband that hurt his feelings. It made me think that even if you may say something with a different intention or again, say it in anger or frustration, your control over the words you say is lost once it leaves your mouth. The great thing about communication is that you have the opportunity to rectify any misunderstandings or flippant comments, but that doesn’t take away from our accountability to what leaves our mouth.

It makes me think of this quote – Before you speak, ask yourself, is it kind, is it true, is it necessary.

May we all be a bit more mindful of what comes out of our mouths this week.

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Until next week.

~Allison, called Binney



2 thoughts on “Weekly Check-in ~ Monday 19th June 2017

  1. Very true, with so many things in life you can unpick and redo (sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc), but what is said cannot be “unsaid” and what has been heard also cannot be “unheard”

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