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Weekly Check-in ~ Monday 26 June 2017

Another week done and dusted. Time flies whether you are having fun or not.

This week has been great. The League of Extraordinary Woman event I went to was amazing. It gave me confirmation that I was doing the right things. As the speaker, Elizabeth Campbell, was going through her 9 tips to writing amazing online content, I was nodding along going yes, I do that, yes I have that on the radar, oooh no I didn’t think of that…

I signed up to go to her workshop in August and I got a signed copy of her book, ‘Words on the web’ I left absolutely buzzing with inspiration and actual joy and excitement. I honestly can’t remember when last I felt so motivated and energised.

I am grateful for all the ground work I have done to get me into a position where I can just sign up for a workshop and where I have the time to surround myself with like-minded people. I have been seeing a lot of these, quit your full-time job and ta da you are living your dream stories on social media and that is not reality.

It takes hard work and a lot of sacrifices and time building your foundation before you can just quit and live the dream. Living your dreams takes one conscious decision after another.

That brings me to my second item of business, the ole part-time job I mentioned in last week’s check in. It’s a telesales job working on behalf of charities, I started training on Monday and we went through the usual orientation stuff and then to my surprise, they got us to start taking calls, cold calling.

What I shock to my system. I actually cried when I got home on Monday. I was thinking what have I done. Well not really what have I done, more like, this sucks I was comfortable in my previous job, no-one was hanging up on me and I didn’t have to deal with so much rejection.

It was very confronting to not feel confident at what I was doing. Having been a trainer for over 3 years I knew my job like the back of my hand, but now I felt uncomfortable, insecure, upset and a kind of mourning for what was.

I was blessed to attend the event on Tuesday morning (not evening like I thought last week, but that’s another story) and I had a good chat with myself before I went to work on Tuesday afternoon.

It went a little something like this…

What is this job allowing you to do? – Keep the money I have in savings intact, build my business without the stress of needing to make money asap, taking the strain off by paying for bills/food, providing me with a social outlet, providing the opportunity to meet some new people.

What this job is not – It’s not my career, it’s not full-time, it’s not permanent and it does not define who I am.

After this glorious pep talk I actually really enjoyed the rest of the week and as my confidence grew I’m seeing results. At one stage I sat in front of the computer and I thought, how blessed am I do be doing what I love and having a source of income that I feel a sense of purpose from.

Lessons from this week…

When you are working towards your dreams you need confirmation that you are on the right track just as much as you need help getting there.

The real story behind the ‘hashtag working from home’,’I fired my boss’ ‘look at me living the dream’ is often not what it appears to be. As you move out of your comfort bubble into the reality of how much you are going to need to change, it can be confronting. The remedy is to do a little bit every day towards your passions and dreams.

I hope all of you can take a few foundational steps towards what your dreams are this week.

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Until next week.

~Allison, called Binney

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