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Weekly Check-in ~ Tuesday 04 July 2017

Oops sorry I’m a day behind on this week’s check-in, but I have a good excuse, I had a date with a lovely friend.

This last week was another amazing and inspirational week, but also a very draining one. The amazing part was getting work done on an eBook I’m writing, inspiration was provided by an awesome webinar and time wasted travelling to work was the draining bit.

I’ll start with the cool stuff. I am writing an eBook about Managing Stress and I’m so excited about how it is progressing. I can’t wait for it to be finished and let loose on the wide world of the web.

Just to give you a bit of a sneak peek, I’m sharing some of the methods and techniques I have used in the past to conquer stress and I’m not talking hot baths and long walks on the beach. It’s going to be great!

Probably the highlight of the week was the webinar I watched at 4am on Thursday morning. It was about selling online courses. I found it to be so helpful and the speaker brought up so many useful tips. I have big dreams of selling a number of courses online that will help people in a very practical way and this really stoked that fire.

It was also a pretty hectic week because hubby’s car decided to not want to work properly so I’ve been taking him to work, coming home, doing a bit of work and then driving myself to work. I felt so frustrated that I was wasting so much precious time.

To compensate I’ve been using time in-between calls at work to my advantage by making lists and planning a social media strategy, so I felt a little better. Plus we are really blessed to work in the same building and have two cars in the first place, so I’ve tried really hard not to grumble too much. Ingratitude is such an ugly quality.

I am finally finished with the 10 days of training, so I’ll be down to 3 days this week, YES!! It’s such a relief to have more time to create content and build a community and because I’m settling into the job nicely I spend less thinking about it.

I choose to think of myself as a blogger and online course creator. I think, therefore I am, so if I think about the telesales job, I am the telesales job or something philosophical like that.

Lessons learnt this week….

My old companion Patience popped in to remind me that all I can control is my attitude and how I choose to manage the unexpected. When you are raring to get started and you encounter road blocks, stop and pay attention to the lesson patience is trying to teach you. It was a real struggle not getting annoyed by what I saw as lack of progression this last week.

As I mentioned in last week’s check in I just tried to do a little bit each day towards my end goals and be grateful for what I could do.

The second lesson that really shone through this week was that education is the fuel that keeps your dreams burning bright. I don’t necessarily mean formal education, as in school or university, but rather educating yourself to succeed in whatever it is you want in life.

This could be something like learning a new skill, language or trade or as simple as learning to do yoga to build a strong body so that you can look after yourself and achieve more (check out my YouTube channel  I have some awesome videos saved if you actually do want to learn yoga).

Regardless, education is a motivator and I feel its magic on a weekly basis. My challenge to you this week is to find something new to learn, big or small, let that education light a spark.

I would love you to walk a mile or two with me by entering your email address and subscribing to my blog. 🙂

Until next week.

~Allison, called Binney






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  1. Very true – patience is definitely required with almost everything we want to do and be. Life (and achieving goals) is a journey to be savoured with all the roadblocks and detours along the way – they only make us stronger and wiser.

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