Weekly Check-in

Weekly Check-in ~ Monday 10 July 2017

What a week! I hope you took up my challenge from last week’s check in to learn something new…

It seems like I was taking my own advice by using education to fuel my dreams and managed to get two webinars booked in.

One was about Instagram and how to boost your following and the other about Facebook – changes to their policies and how small businesses can use it to increase revenue.

They were so inspiring and I learn heaps from each. Like with most free webinars, they have a sell at the end and this week I learnt a lot of lessons about praying for answers which I’ll share below.

Based on some advice I got from the workshop I attended a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to make July, ‘Essential Oils Month‘ and share how I use them and hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration. I absolutely love EO and use them daily. They are so much more than just nice smelling liquid.

I got a blog post called ‘How to Stop Being Confused About Essential Oils’ written on Wednesday. It feels amazing to have time to be able to pass on my knowledge to others, especially about something I love as much as EO. I am so grateful for my part-time job allowing me two days ‘off’ each week. Plus we got a pay rise too, which I am so stoked about.

I have also been working on my eBook about Managing Stress by getting some involvement from my Facebook communities and very exciting, by getting in contact with a graphic designer to create a logo for me.

I look at myself now, small following on Facebook and Instagram, a few subscribers to my blog and think there is no way I can grow as big as I want to grow…. but …. Big trees grow from small seeds.

A big focus of my week is positive affirmations and gratitude. Hubby’s car is still not fixed, I’m loosing out on precious time each day, things are not growing as quickly as I wanted them to, but I have so much to be grateful and blessed for, it’s just plain rude to grumble.

Lessons learnt this week…

The power of heartfelt prayer.

I have had three really powerful experiences with sincere, heartfelt prayer last week. While one is a bit too personal to share, the other two I’m really excited about sharing.

The first was in relation to the course offered at the conclusion of the Instagram webinar. It was a great webinar and the course that was offered seemed really good, plus if you bought in the next 3 days you would get another course with it for a cheaper price than if you bought them separately.

I was helping my hubby get ready for work and thinking about whether or not to buy the course, when the thought popped into my head to pray about it. So I did.

I didn’t get a clear Yes or No answer and to be honest, by Wednesday morning I was getting a bit frustrated with praying with no response. I then thought, if I feel like I need to keep asking, it’s because I’m having doubts, so I put back on the ‘to pray about’ list.

Around lunch time I watched the Facebook webinar and the course offered at the end worked out to be the same price as one of the Instagram courses and had more of what I was looking for. Plus I connected with the Facebook course creator way more than the Instagram one.

I’m grateful I took the time out to pray about my purchase of the Instagram course or I wouldn’t have had enough money to take advantage of something that was actually much better for me.

The second prayer experience was financial in nature. It’s tax time here in Australia and as I was preparing my tax return, I said a little pray, letting the Lord know what I was hoping to receive as a refund and what I would like to use the money for.

It was nothing frivolous, I want to pay off our mattress that we bought on an interest free payment plan, pay tithing on the refund and buy an alkaline water filter so that we don’t have to spend money each week on a 10L plastic bottle of spring water.

When I clicked on the ‘calculate refund’ button and the amount appeared on-screen, I quickly did a few sums and guess what. Yip, it’s exactly enough to pay off the mattress, pay tithing and buy the filter. Depending on which version of the filter we get, I might just have some change for some Himalayan salt lamps  🙂

Along with the third experience it has really reminded me that all we need to do is ask, talk to the Lord and He will help us out. Nothing is too insignificant for His ears.

What’s been on your mind that you need some help or advice on? My challenge for you this week is to give prayer a go. Once you pray, don’t forget to be patient and listen for answers, they can come from very unlikely places.

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Until next week

~ Allison, called Binney.


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