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Too Confused To Choose? Your EO diffuser questions answered. - The Self Reliance Shepherd

Too Confused To Choose? Your EO diffuser questions answered.

Yay I have mail!

A lovely reader reached out and asked me some common questions about essential oils diffusers. It must have been because of that great Facebook live video I did 😉

Hi Allison

Thank you for your posts on essential oils. I have some questions about diffusing essential oils.

What are the different ways of diffusing my oils?

Great question, so as not to go into information overload, let me run through 3 common options you have.

– Nebulising Diffusers –

They turn the essential oils into a mist that is dispersed into the air but instead of using water like the ultrasonic or humidifying diffusers it uses an air pump. This could mean that you either have to attach the EO bottle directly to the unit or add the oil to a compartment that would attach to an air pump.

A decent nebulising diffuser would also come with a variety of settings and/or a timer so that you could control how much mist is coming out and in turn how strong the smell would be.

Plus points: You get a stronger smell, which means it would smell out the room quickly and in terms of therapeutic benefits, it’s pretty much like sniffing the oils from the bottle.

Not so plus points: Thicker oils can’t be used in some diffusers and you would go through the oils a lot quicker. Also, due to the air pump, some brands can be a bit noisy.

– Ultrasonic or Humidifying Diffusers –

Using good vibrations, these diffusers turn the oils into finer particles that are then blown out into the air. They typically use water that is poured over a small plate in the unit that vibrates and makes the mist happen.

Some diffusers have adjustable mist settings, LED lights and many have a safety switch that will turn the unit off once the water runs out.

Plus points: They are generally quiet, often have a nice running water sound and they are easy to use. The mist can help humidify the air and leaves the room with a subtle smell of essential oils.

Not so plus points: Not all the mist will actually contain oil particles and the circulation of the mist depends on the room. For lack of a better phrase it’s a bit of a diluted sniff of essentials oils.

– Evaporative Diffusers –

This type of diffuser involves the essential oils evaporating into the air. This can be achieved by adding drops of oil to a pad/filter in a unit that blows air or using a pendant that you drop oil onto and then wear or hang in the room.

You can even make your own evaporative diffuser for your car by adding a few drops of EO onto a cotton pad and sticking it in the air-conditioning vents.

Plus points: They are basic and super easy to use.

Not so plus points: If you use pads they’d need to be replaced regularly and using a pendant could irritate your skin if the oils made direct contact.

The other main drawback of evaporating is that not all essential oils particles are equal, some evaporate quickly, being more volatile while others take a bit longer. This means you would be getting a disjointed use of the oil for therapeutic purposes.

What types of diffusers do you recommend for different size rooms?

Nebulising diffusers or larger ultrasonic/humidifying diffusers would work well in larger rooms while smaller ultrasonic/humidifying diffusers generally suit smaller spaces. If you go for a humidifying diffuser look out for its water capacity to work out if it is big or small, not its physical size.

Too confused to choose an essential oils diffuser? A simple guide to different types of diffusers and some tips to choosing the best one for you. The Self-Reliance Shepherd

The picture above is of my bedroom’s humidifying diffuser, it stands about 14cm high with a 100ml capacity and even on the slower 6hr setting provides adequate aroma. If I want a really intense smell I use the highest setting and close the door. *The room is 121.9 square feet.

I have been looking at buying a diffuser online, but they are expensive. What do you recommend I look for when buying one so that I don’t waste my money?

I have 3 tips for buying a diffuser…

1. Needs – choosing the best diffuser for you is personal and really depends on your needs, so this should really be the starting point of your decision to buy.

Here are a few questions for you to consider: Where do you want to put the diffuser? What are your reasons for wanting to diffuse oils? (i.e. nice smell vs therapeutic uses) How often do you plan to use the diffuser? What is your budget?

Once you know what your needs are and what your budget is, then you can move on to the other tips below.

2. Brand – buy from a trustworthy brand. It might mean you have to spend a bit more than you would for an unknown cheapie, but this really is an investment in your health.

I trust doTERRA as a brand 100% not only because of the quality of their products but also because of the customer service that you are provided with. If, for example, you bought a diffuser from them and it was faulty at least you could have it resolved quickly and efficiently.

3. Reviews – I don’t buy anything, from washing machines to mascara without reading product reviews. There are heaps of diffuser reviews online as well as on Youtube. For example Amazon has some great ones.

Like I mentioned before, this is an investment in your health, so take some time before you make that commitment and see what others have to say.

Thank you so much for those great questions. Keep them coming!

If you want to know anything about diffusers or essential oils in general click here to get in touch.

Most of all remember that the right diffuser for your needs will help you take advantage of the power of essential oils and you will feel empowered that you are doing something for your health and well-being.

~ Allison







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