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Weekly Check-in ~Tuesday 25 July 2017

Weekly challenges that help you to grow and progress.

Normally the lessons for the week are very apparent, however this last week I really had to dig to uncover the gems I was taught.

My adenomyosis came back with a vengeance which made it pretty tough to keep myself motivated or feel like I was progressing, but she did end up pointing me to the lesson for this week. Listen.

Adenomyosis is endometriosis’s ugly sister, they just kick about trying to make women’s lives miserable. When she’s in town it means a lot of pain, feelings of sadness, restlessness, agitation and self-doubt. She’s a hoot.

That said, I did manage to get a blog post written about essential oil diffusers ‘Too confused to choose?’ I really enjoyed writing it, especially since it was in response to a reader’s question and I’m pretty chuffed with the title too.

I also watched a webinar on Friday about Pinterest. It was going to be a webinar free week, but managed to get one in. I have also been given four logo options to choose from, which I am so excited about and I did another Facebook live video.

It was also a good week for improving my family’s health with the arrival of an alkaline water filter and learning to make kombucha. You might remember I wrote about praying for the filter in one of my previous week’s check ins.

So all in all not a terribly unproductive week. Because I took yesterday ‘off’ I felt a bit deflated. When you are working for yourself and trying to make your passion a success, you do feel an obligation to show up for yourself every day. You also have an obligation to look after yourself too. Subtly the lesson for the week tapped me on the shoulder again. Listen.

Yesterday wasn’t a complete write off though, I utilised one of my team members, (see┬áthis blog post creating a personal team) and got a really nourishing yoga session done. It helped me feel supported and got me over the hump.

Lessons from this week…

Listen to your body

One improvement I am really proud of has been my ability to listen to my body. I read a fantastic book, Women Code by Alisa Vitti, it changed my life and how I listen to my body. I recommend every woman reads it.

Too often we let our ‘to do’ list or ‘must do’ list dictate our daily outputs ignoring our body when it tells us to slow down. This week was a gentle reminder to nourish myself, slow down at times and work with my body.

Listen through other people’s ears.

I learnt this as someone told me something and I heard and dismissed it because of my interpretation of their message. To fully express what they had been trying to tell me they had to experience pain and vulnerability, which hurt me because I care about them.

I felt a sense of responsibility and guilt, I could have helped them avoid that pain if I had listened as they had spoken instead of hearing with my own perspective.

We are often encouraged to walk in another’s shoes or see through their eyes, but listening through their ears has great value too.

The challenge I have for you this week is to listen more and hear a bit less.

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Until next week…

~ Allison, called Binney

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