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Weekly Check-in ~ Tuesday 1 August 2017

While we can't always choose what happens, we always have the choice on how we react.

Wow! I cannot believe it is August already!

This has been such a productive year and one of many changes. Earlier in the year my sister sent me an article about the numerology of the year and how it was going to be a good one. How accurate the article was.

This last week I took a bit of step back and some time out for reflection. As you know I have been webinar crazy over the last few weeks. There is an abundance of useful information out there and I wanted it all.

Yet the more I consumed the less focused I became. Too much of a good thing can be detrimental. This thought tied in with the lesson the week taught me it’s the wake that matters. Making use of what you’ve learnt is more important than trying to learn more.

In terms of getting things done, I shared two reasons why I choose to use essential oils and created another Facebook live video. This one was about my DIY Deodorant and it ended up going for a bit longer than I thought it would.

When I felt myself getting worked up about its length and how it wasn’t ‘perfect’ I stopped and celebrated what an achievement it was, letting go of the negative thoughts. I had focused on the imperfections of the video instead of getting excited about the waves it could create. It’s the wake that matters.

My kombucha finished its first ferment and is on to the second. I used essential oils in the second ferment and I’m curious to see the results. I get to test it out tomorrow. If it all works out that may be a future Facebook live video.

Lessons from this week…

On Saturday, after some heavy-duty shower soap scum removal, I treated myself to a walk on the beach. I went to the Spit here on the Gold Coast.

Inspirational lessons learnt from watching the wakes of a ship.

The Spit is an inlet and has a fair amount of maritime traffic, including tour ships and jet skis. While there was a bit of a natural wave on the beach, as the vessels pass by the waves intensify.

As I watched this phenomena the lesson for the week popped into my head. It’s the wake that matters.

It was not the ship, but the consequence of the ship passing, i.e. it’s wake, that created this thing of beauty.

Who doesn’t love waves. It’s one of the best things about going to the beach. The soothing sound, the feeling of the waves on your feet…

While the ship is nice to look at, the waves are the thing of beauty. I watched this little girl get so excited jumping over them each time a ship went past.

Too often we focus all our attention on the things that happen in our lives. The events, getting sick, loosing a job or the actions of others, being offended or hurt. While these events are significant, what they leave in their wake can become a thing of beauty

It is not the event, it’s what it leaves in its wake that matters. In other words, the consequences of an event is what matters. The consequences can create a thing of beauty.

We create the thing of beauty as we choose how we view the wake. Do we see lovely waves created by the ship or do we view them as a disturbance to the peaceful beach. Do we choose, like the little girl, to have fun and make the most of the waves or do we just wait for them to pass.

While we can’t always choose what happens, we can always choose how we react.

Another interesting thing about a ship’s wake is that it’s a delayed reaction. The ship passes, then a few seconds later the waves are felt.

The consequences of an event can have a delayed reaction too. It may feel like what you are doing will not have an impact, but the wake will come. The choices we make will have an impact on others.

What we leave in our wake matters too.

My challenge for you this week is to choose to focus on the positive consequences, not the event. Create a thing of beauty and be mindful of the wake you leave behind for others to enjoy.

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Until next week…

~ Allison, called Binney


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