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Weekly Check-in ~ Tuesday 07th August 2017

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As each new week unfolds, I am given another little breadcrumb on my trail to success. I am finding that I’m being led along a path of inspiration.

This last week my focus was on my top priority. At the moment that is getting my Stress eBook completed. Nearly there, I’m down to the last two sections and with my logo nearing completion, it’s starting to take shape. I can’t wait to see my vision come to life.

Because of this and without realising it, I had created the lesson for the week. What you focus on is where your focus will be.

I’ve also been thinking about how I can share essential oils with people around me. It has been amazing how I’ll think of someone, send them a ‘how are you doing’ message and they will say, ‘I was meaning to contact you about essential oils.’

It’s that lesson again, what you focus on is where your focus will be.

On Wednesday I blogged about something really close to my heart. Using EO when you are stressed out, anxious or blue. With so many people feeling those emotions, I felt inspired to provide some support. I know how much essential oils have helped me, especially with a low mood.

My Facebook live video on Friday was me making a nice winter’s treat. A yummy peppermint hot chocolate. The WIFI dropped out and cut off the end of the video, I started getting frustrated, but then I remembered last week’s lesson. It’s not about perfection, it’s about what it creates.

Last bit of news is that I’m getting the back-end all set up to start sending my lovely, loyal subscribers a fortnightly email. I will be sharing exclusive EO content and other goodies. I’m so excited about that.

Lessons from this week…

I like to take some time out over the weekend to really ponder what the week has taught me. As I reflected on what I had achieved, it amazed me how what you focus on is where your focus will be.

What you focus on is where your focus will be. Weekly Check in Binney's Travels
While you see the statue, you notice the flowers more because they are what is in focus. Choose what you focus on.






















I have used a Daily Greatness Journal* since January and when I would plan my week, all the domestic stuff was written on the top. No surprise then that the vacuuming always got done, while my spiritual and development goals were often carried over until the next week.

Over the past few months I have written my goals in the following order. Spiritual, health, relationship/social, career/personal development and then domestic (washing, cooking, cleaning).

Each Sunday as I review the week that was, it amazes me how much I am ticking off in areas that were previously neglected. Thinking about that and the progress I made on my eBook this week, I realised that what you focus on is where your focus will be.

What you choose as your number one priority, will be your number one priority. Be that positively or negatively. What you pour your energy into will create results. If you focus your energy on creating great things, great things will happen.

Equally, if you choose to focus on the negatives in your life, that will be your outlook. For example, if I choose to look at my part-time job as an inconvenience and a distraction, that is what it will be. Instead I can choose to focus on the income it provides and be grateful for it.

Everything in life is about choices. Like I mentioned last week, we can’t always choose our circumstances, but we can choose our reaction. We can choose where our focus will be.

What you choose to be number one in your life, will be number one in your life.

My challenge for this week is to shift your focus. If that is a bit too much of a challenge then at least be aware of where your focus is. What you focus on is where your focus will be.

Choose to focus on things that inspire you, uplift you and others and focus less on the negatives. That doesn’t mean you live a blinkered life, you just choose where your focus is.

Jump onboard and subscribe. Not only will you receive exclusive essential oils content, but soon I will be sending out weekly challenges too.

Until next week…

~ Allison, called Binney.


*I will be doing a review on the Daily Greatness Journal in December. It’s amazing and I believe part of why this year was so amazing.

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