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doTERRA GX Assist ~ 30 Day Cleanse - The Self Reliance Shepherd

doTERRA GX Assist ~ 30 Day Cleanse

Let’s make life unbearable

For the bad bacteria in your gut that is. GX Assist has a combination of essential oils and caprylic acid and is designed to clean out the digestive system.

The chosen essential oils pretty much make life unbearable for all the bad bacteria and pathogens. It helps prepare your body for the next supplement, PB Assist+ which contains pre and pro biotics.

The supplements are enteric coated, which means they won’t be eaten by stomach acid and go to work in the small intestine.

GX Assist is only to be used for 10 days of the cleanse, no more.

GX Assist Ingredients

I’ve included links to research conducted regarding these essential oils and their role against candida. Makes for interesting reading.

Oregano Leaf – A study conducted on mice infected with candida showed an 80% survival rate after 30 days when fed oregano oil mixed with olive oil. Compared to those fed only olive oil, who died after 10 days …. poor mice 🙁

Melaleuca Leaf – 11 Types of candida were found to be inhibited by Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca). In addition Melaleuca has been found to alter or disrupt the cellular membranes of candida, killing it off.

Peppermint Plant – Peppermint was shown to be fungistatic (inhibiting the growth of fungi) and fungicidal (destroying fungi).

Thyme Leaf – Thyme oil has been shown to work on a cellular level by forming lesions on the the membrane of candida cells and reducing the ergosterol content.GX Assist, gut scrubber and candida blaster ~ doTERRA 30 day cleanse - The Self-Reliance Shepherd

I know we all know what ergosterol content means, like who doesn’t … but just as a refresher. It’s a sterol (class of chemicals), found in fungi, like candida and affects things like it’s cells permeability.  So what the Thyme oil is doing is creating lesions on the cells membranes and affecting the sterols ability to keep the cells alive.

Lemon Peel – Lemon EO has been well documented as a anti viral and antiseptic and thus is included in the supplement.

Lemongrass Leaf – Lemongrass EO has been included because of it’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Caprylic Acid – Caprylic Acid is a fatty acid from coconut oil and I found this interesting study involving using caprylic acid to help treatment of illness as a result of candida and a range of other pathogens.

Interesting how it says to combine the caprylic acid with an Omega 3 supplement, which shows why the Life Long Vitality pack is recommended during the cleanse to help support the other supplements.

Other ingredients include; gelatin, glycerin, purified water, food glaze, sodium alginate and carnauba wax.

To purchase GX Assist or any other doTERRA products have a look here for more information.

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