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doTERRA PB Assist+ ~ 30 Day Cleanse - The Self Reliance Shepherd

doTERRA PB Assist+ ~ 30 Day Cleanse

We are all just bacteria

No I mean literally. Our bodies are colonised by trillions of microorganisms, bacteria.

Our gut specifically houses a large collection of intestinal microflora and microbiota. They not only help break down our food to extract nutrients, but also produce certain vitamins and support our immune health.

These guys can be friendly and not so friendly. An example is Candida, a real buzz word at the moment. It’s a yeast that if not kept in check runs riot and causes all sorts of health concerns.

We want more of the beneficial bacteria because as they compete for prime intestinal real estate, they push their bad neighbours out-of-town. They are also the law and help keep shady characters like Candida in check.

Minimising the things the bad guys like to feed on and supporting the good guys is part of the solution. Another part is to make sure you open your borders to an immigration of the kind of bacteria you want hanging around your body.

PB Assist+PB Assist the pre and pro biotic of doTERRA's 30 day cleanse - The Self-Reliance Shepherd

This is why supplementing with a good probiotic is such a great idea. PB Assist+ contains pro and pre biotics. So what is the difference?

Prebiotics – these are indigestible fibers from fruits and veggies that promote good bacteria growth while discouraging growth of less welcome microbes.

Probiotics – Are the good bacteria, microorganisms the will move in and help support your existing colonies of good guys. Strength in numbers.

PB Assist+ capsules are also pretty unique. Not only do they look really cool, but there is a method to their special look. The double-layer capsule ensures effective delivery of its contents when and where they are needed.

The prebiotics are housed in the outer capsule and the probiotics are in doTERRA 30 day cleanse - Binneys Travelsa time release inner capsule. The point of the time release is so that the immigration of new bacteria makes it past your harsh stomach acid and lands safely in our intestines.

PB Assist+ Ingredients

Probiotics – L acidophilu; B lactis; L salivarius; L casei ; B longum and B difidum.

Prebiotics – FOS (short chain) prebiotic

Other ingredients – Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable Hypromeliose, Vegetable Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Chlorophyllin

As we are coming to appreciate the role these microorganisms play on our overall health we are learning how to support them to do their job more effectively. Using PB Assist+ can help support your gut and your overall health and well-being.

I personally found a real improvement in my bowel movements after using it in the cleanse.

To purchase PB Assist+ or any other doTERRA products have a look here for more information.


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