The Self-Reliance Shepherd Concept

Meet The Self-Reliance Shepherd

When meeting someone new, an introduction is usually in order. However on this occasion I’d like to offer an explanation instead.

What is the purpose of this blog? What do I stand for? What is my WHY? How can I attempt to articulate the feelings I have of wanting to inspire and empower others and why should you care?

It’s two words really… Self-Reliance….. or is that one word??

For me, Self-Reliance is made up of two components.

Firstly, the dictionary definition, namely:

Self-Reliance – noun

Reliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others.

A feeling of trust that someone has in his or her own efforts and abilities

In this sense, we are not reliant on other people or institutions for our health, wealth or well-being. Meaning that we educate and empower ourselves, planning mind fully and deliberately to live the best life we can, without leaving it to chance or someone/thing else to take care of.

The second component is captured perfectly by this quote:

“To be truly self-reliant, you must learn to work with others”

As a family or community we work together to uplift one another and thus achieve self-reliance. Fostering feelings of self-worth vs insecurity and promoting growth and achievement for all, abundantly.

So why should you care about my WHY?

Because I believe there are many of us who share this vision and we need to work together to achieve it. I would like to take on the mantel of shepherd for those seeking the same ideals.

A shepherd has the best interest of those in their care at the forefront of their mind. They guide them, protect them and lead them to the best places, knowing that the welfare of the flock is intertwined to their own welfare. It is a bond of trust.

As I take steps to become more self-reliant, I hope to inspire others to follow a similar path. I would like to guide, share the best things and warn of those dangers that I encounter. Knowing that the welfare of those I reach is intertwined with my own welfare. It is my bond of trust.

Allison Williams ~ The Self Reliance Shepherd


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