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What can you do with Essential Oils? - The Self Reliance Shepherd

What can you do with Essential Oils?

How do you use Essential Oils in everyday life?

Essential Oils are practical, cost-effective, powerful plant medicine, yet many people aren’t sure how to use them. You don’t need to be an aromatherapist to take advantage of number of different oils.

Questions I’m often asked include How many oils do you need? Which are the best for beginners? and How do you use them as a normal, everyday person?

I have 50 different Essential Oils, singles and blends… and counting. I’d like to show you simple ways to use a range of different oils to improve your health and well-being.

What’s in my Essential Oils box.

In this series I go through my box of oils at random, sharing three things:

  • Why I chose to buy the oil
  • How I’ve used it
  • What I’d like to use it for in the future

To see each Episode, click on the links below:

Episode 1 – Cassia

Episode 2 – Wild Orange

Episode 3 – Ginger

Episode 4 – Zendocrine

Episode 5 – Purify



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